Android: Cannot Install Pou

Solution 1:

  1. If you had already installed POU, go to Settings > Applications > Pou > Move to Phone Memory
  2. Remove the SD card (turn off phone before)
  3. Try to Install/Update POU
  4. Place back the SD card

Solution 2:
  1. Reconnect your SD Card if you had disconnected it
  2. Connect your phone to the computer
  3. Go to the following path: /sdcard/.android_secure/ . If you are using your computer to open this folder, it is possible that you might not see the folder because it is a hidden folder. So, press "Ctrl"+"h" and you will be able to see it
  4. In this folder, delete the file called "smdl2tmp1.asec"
  5. Download POU and install it again

Solution 3: (if downloaded from SlideMe)
Make sure that this is enabled (with checkmark):
- Phone Settings > Security > Unknown sources, or
- Phone Settings > Applications > Unknown sources

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No Password

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Correct email, but wrong POU!

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Bought Coins. Did not get them

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Make sure you tell us the email of your Pou: click on the top-right icon > Account

How to rename my POU?

Top-right Pou icon > Account > Nickname > Change

How to change Password?

Top-right Pou icon > Account > Password > Change

How to Play with previous POU?

Click on the small top right POU icon:

  1. If you get asked to enter your email, then enter the first email you used for the first POU. Then enter the password we send you.
  2. Or, if you don't get asked to enter your email, this means you're already logged in with another POU:
    1. Click on the small POU icon at the top right corner > Account > Log Out > Yes
    2. Click again on the small POU icon and enter the email of your first POU

If you think that you misspelled your email the first time, or if you don't remember the email, then contact us below.

How to change language?

  • To change language:
    1. Click on the small POU icon at the top right corner
    2. Click on Settings > Language
  • How to enable or disable notifications?

    • To enable:
      • Tap on the top-right icon > Settings > Notifications > On
      • Android: Go to Android Settings > Apps (Manager) > Downloaded > Pou > enable Show Notifications
      • iOS: Go to iOS Settings > Notifications > Pou > enable Allow Notifications
    • To disable: Tap on the top-right icon > Settings > Notifications > Off

    How to unlock a Special item?

    Through level up, achivement or coins.

    How to transfer POU to new device?

    On old device: Tap on the top-right icon > Account > Log Out
    On new device: log in with same email

    How to transfer POU between Android and iOS?

    If you get a message that you should update, it means that you are trying to load your Pou to an older version of the app.
    If you are switching from Android to iOS:

    • Stop updating the Pou app on Android
    • Wait until the next iOS update is released
    • After it is released, go to Account > Log Out on Android
    • On your iOS device, update the Pou app, then login with the same email

    (The opposite applies when switching from iOS to Android)

    My highscore is not in the list!

    Contact us below and tell us the email of your Pou.

    When is the next iOS update?

    Usually 2 to 3 weeks after the last one. (Apple needs time to verify each update)

    I can't see colors well (color blind)

    Go to top-right Pou icon > Settings > Game Colors and select the best ones for you.

    Microphone doesn't work (Pou doesn't talk back)

    Make sure that the Micro is not "Off".
    Also if you have iOS7, please go to iOS Settings > Privacy > Microphone and enable Pou.
    If you still have a problem, Contact Us (Bug) and tell us what phone or tablet you have.

    Blackberry: Can't start app

    Download the new update from BlackBerry World. If it still doesn't work, remove and re-download Pou. (you don't pay twice)

    Blackberry: How to hide bottom bar?

    Swipe your finger down form the top of the screen then tap on "Hide Bar".

    Blackberry: Screen flickers in games

    This is a bug in BlackBerry OS 10.2.2 with some Z10 phones. There's nothing to do except wait for Blackberry OS 10.3 and hope that it's fixed.

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